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Twisted Eggroll is a catering service that approaches the thought of the traditional egg roll with an infused spin. The menu consists of assorted egg rolls such as chicken fajita, cheese steak, and pizza just to name a few. Want to learn more about our delicious egg rolls? Visit our menu today. Your mouth will thank you for it and so will your guests.


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Welcome to Twisted Eggroll established in January 2015 from a place of love, passion, and hope; a love for food, a passion for cooking, and a hope to touch the lives of many! This is an experience that you will look forward to repeating. Twisted Eggroll is a catering service that provides an exciting food experience.


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Our mission is to cultivate a fresh experience of eating and to ignite the taste buds while stimulating the mind. Twisted Eggroll is committed to providing exceptional customer service and food; all while leaving a smile on your face, a satisfaction in your tummy, and a love in your heart. Come and intertwine your palate!

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